Top quality training on how to conduct investigations, delivered by world-class experts
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Botched investigations – especially botched workplace related investigations – inevitably cost time, money and disruption.
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Interested in training tailored specifically to the type of investigations you do?

Whether it is in the public sector, academia or private industry, conducting fair and thorough investigations is becoming increasingly important. Whatever the field, if fact-finding is not done properly or the investigative process is – or is perceived to be – unfair, the consequences can be calamitous, leaving the organization conducting the investigation exposed, with its credibility and reputation in tatters.

Botched investigations – especially botched workplace related investigations – inevitably cost time, money and disruption.

The Workplace Institute offers top-quality investigative courses and consulting delivered by experts. They are custom crafted to provide practical, case-based training for anyone involved in conducting investigations of any type, big or small.

Customized courses

Our team of world-class faculty have created and delivered customized investigation courses for almost a hundred organizations across Canada and overseas.

Upcoming Online Courses

Most of these are separate online one day courses that run from 9-4 in the time zone they are listed.

Take the courses in any time zone that suits you.

The exceptions are the Two day Internet course and the 5 half day PEACE course.

Investigations Suite
Central Time (CT) Online - Apr 29, 2024
Mountain Time (MT) Online - Sep 09, 2024
Eastern Time (ET) Online - Nov 04, 2024
How to Investigate: Fundamentals of Effective Fact-Finding
Central Time (CT) Online - Apr 29, 2024
Mountain Time (MT) Online - Sep 09, 2024
Eastern Time (ET) Online - Nov 04, 2024
Investigative Interviewing
Central Time (CT) Online - Apr 30, 2024
Mountain Time (MT) Online - Sep 10, 2024
Eastern Time (ET) Online - Nov 05, 2024
Report Writing for Investigators
Central Time (CT) Online - May 02, 2024
Mountain Time (MT) Online - Sep 12, 2024
Eastern Time (ET) Online - Nov 07, 2024
How to Use the Internet as an Investigative Tool: Two Days
Central Time (CT) Online - May 07, 2024
The P.E.A.C.E. Interview Framework
Central Time (CT) Online - May 03, 2024
Central Time (CT) Online - Nov 06, 2024
Five-Day P.E.A.C.E. Interviewing Course
Central Time (CT) Online - Nov 13, 2024
Assessing Credibility
Central Time (CT) Online - May 06, 2024
Investigating Allegations of Harassment and Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
Central Time (CT) Online - May 01, 2024
Central Time (CT) Online - Sep 11, 2024
Workplace Restoration
Central Time (CT) Online - Sep 17, 2024
Investigating Discrimination in the Workplace
Central Time (CT) Online - Sep 13, 2024
Entrevue judiciaire
Eastern Time (ET) Online - Nov 12, 2024

Investigations Training

Participants have included:

  • investigators
  • human resources professionals
  • auditors,
  • compliance officers
  • regulators
  • inspectors
  • complaint handlers
  • lawyers
  • policy analysts
  • front-line managers and executives responsible for overseeing investigations
  • union officials
  • law enforcement
  • security/loss prevention experts
  • insurance adjusters
  • diversity and equity professionals
  • human rights officers and analysts

…and many others, from many other fields.

The courses have been created by a team of world-class experts who have delivered training across the globe to investigators, complaint handlers, human resources professionals, counsel, supervisors and others involved in investigations of any kind. The content is designed to give anyone involved in any aspect of an investigation or fact finding process the skills they need to conduct a high quality investigation. They are great for those who are newer to the field - and a brilliant refresher for the more experienced.

Interested in training tailored specifically to the type of investigations you do?  We have put together customised courses for many public and private sector agencies. Customized courses are created in close consultation with the client. They focus on specific areas that are of the greatest relevance to the type of fact-finding you do. Clients have included:

  • Exxon Mobil
  • Law Society of British Columbia,
  • Public Service Commission of Canada
  • Ontario College of Teachers
  • Office of the Correctional Investigator of Canada
  • Vancouver Coastal Health
  • Department of Labour and Advanced Education, Government of Nova Scotia
  • Languages Commissioner of Nunavut
  • Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) 
  • RCMP Complaints Commission
  • Asia Pacific Forum
  • Office of the Public Guardian of Alberta
  • Service Canada, Special Investigations Unit 
  • Native Women's Association of Canada
  • Office of the Information Commissioner of Canada
  • BC Ministry of Health
  • Canada Border Services Agency, Human Resources Branch

…and lots of other agencies and organizations.

We have also developed a series of specialised courses on a variety of topics, including investigative interviewing, harassment and sexual harassment investigations, investigating in the healthcare world and report writing. They, like any other of our courses, can be delivered in-house, at your convenience.

The courses are a great refresher  for those who have been in the field for a while, as well as an excellent introduction to fact-finding for those with less experience.

See the testimonials page for feedback from participants!

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very knowledgeable presenter, well prepared and instructed

Head of Personal Security Services
Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade

Content was relevant and well presented.

Conflict Management Practitioner
Human Resources and Skills Development Canada

All material was useful. Facilitator was engaging and kept participants involved

Senior HR Advisor, Golder Associates

Enjoyed the course

Assistant investigator
Government of Alberta Human Services

Very well received

Senior Investigator
Ontario College of Teachers

Very interesting and entertaining

Senior Compliance Investigator Alberta Health Services

Excellent course and presentation

Financial Institutions Division, Ministry of Finance, Government of Nova Scotia

Really good

Ministry of Social Services , Government of Saskatchewan

Helpful and informative

Workers Compensation Board of Alberta

Awesome! Great content and advice. I would recommend it to any oversight body employee.

Manager, Canadian Human Rights Commission

Well presented and very informative

Kathy Johnson
Calgary Laboratory Services

I thoroughly enjoyed it. Liked the studies – it helps to put everything in a different perspective

Human Resources Manager. NextEra Energy

Very good

Compliance Auditor, NS Real Estate Commission

Great presentation

Laboratory Supervisor. AHS

Wonderful presentation. I particularly liked the examples the instructor provided

Privacy / ATIP analyst
Department of Fisheries and Oceans

Gareth Jones is a very dynamic, well-informed presenter

Clinic Supervisor
U of A Hospital

Very good course

Acting Director. Physical Security and Emergency Planning.
Industry Canada

Covered a great deal in one day – good info

Alberta Solicitor General and Public Security

Very interesting and enjoyable. While I don’t carry out investigations, I found the material very applicable to the work I do – teasing out the truth!

Director Projects. Hospital and Provincial Services Branch. BC.

Very interesting. Loved the examples.

Team Leader, RCMP

Very good course

Acting Director, Physical Security and Emergency Planning Industry Canada

Very interesting and would recommend highly. Enjoyed the examples

Staff member
Nova Scotia College of Pharmacists

Loved it. Practical and very relevant to what I am working on.

Senior Programme Advisor, CBSA

Great! Very useful information and lots of resources too!

Unit Manager, Medicine AHS

Good intro to investigations

Audit Manager
BC Ministry of Health


Human Resources
Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital

Very interesting. Enjoyed the concrete examples

Office of Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commission

Very useful and practical

Deputy Registrar
College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia

Great mix of principles and practice, with narrative and real life examples

Alternative Dispute Resolution expert, BC

Everything was interesting. I found the instructor very knowledgeable. Great mixture of videos / powerpoint which supports course content. Well done.

Senior Grievance Officer
Military Grievance External Review Committee