Investigating Discrimination in the Workplace

Central Time (CT) Online September 13, 2024 $595.00 + tax

This is a one-day course that teaches participants about the challenges of investigating and understanding complaints of discrimination in the workplace under Bill C-65 and other legislation. Sometimes complainants present you with information that could give rise to a complaint of discrimination even if it is not framed that way. As the investigator, it is your obligation to understand how a complaint could be a discrimination complaint and come to conclusions on whether something constitutes discrimination. More importantly, investigators should be aware of how investigations in and of themselves could be discriminatory. Participants in this course should have experience and training in conducting investigations. The point of this course is to further your understanding of the legal concept of discrimination in all of its forms – direct, indirect, systemic and adverse effects. Here’s what you’ll learn how to do:
  • Review the history of systemic discrimination in Canada
  • Identify the legal concept of discrimination through recent legal cases
  • Understand each prohibited ground of discrimination under applicable human rights legislation
  • Recognize complaints and incidents of discrimination
  • Address gaps and bias in yourself as the investigator
  • Plan an investigation into a complaint of discrimination
  • Prevent the investigation or the investigation process from being discriminatory
The concepts of this course are conveyed through three different scenarios that are introduced to participants at the beginning of the course. Participants will apply the concepts as they learn them by using these scenarios in various interactive exercises. At the end of this course, participants will be able to understand and perform workplace investigations into complaints and incidents of discrimination. Your Presenter: William Goldbloom, BA, MA, JD, Q. Med, is the principal and founder of WG Resolutions. He provides clients with effective and affordable resolutions to workplace conflict and misconduct through investigations, mediations, training and restorative practices. William has provided training on preventing workplace harassment and conducting investigations across Canada. He is also a Qualified Mediator with the ADR Institute of Canada and received training in workplace restoration by the International Institute of Restorative Practices. Prior to founding WG Resolutions, William was a workplace investigator and trainer at a well known workplace investigation law firm. He started his law practice as an employment and labour lawyer at an international law firm.