Conducting Investigations on Campus

Do you conduct, review, supervise or are otherwise involved in investigations on campus, including those involving sexual violence and harassment?
We have created a new course on how to investigate allegations involving

  • sexual violence
  • harassment,
  • bullying
  • discrimination
  • code of conduct issues

in an academic environment.

Participants in previous similar courses have come from human resources, human rights/diversity/equity offices and risk management and security departments, as well as administrators from student affairs, faculty associations, vice provosts and dean’s offices.
The course covers:

  • What a good investigation looks like
  • Planning an investigation
  • Trauma-informed interviewing techniques
  • Conducting and recording interviews
  • Assessing credibility
  • Providing appropriate information and support during the investigation
  • Working with marginalized and vulnerable individuals using a trauma informed approach
  • Identifying, obtaining and preserving digital and documentary evidence
  • Dealing with difficult parties
  • The challenges of harassment and sexual harassment investigations
  • When unions, associations and lawyers are involved
  • Tips for managing an outsourced investigation
  • Assessing evidence thoroughly and fairly
  • Writing clear and concise reports

The course also offers the opportunity to network with others working in the sector.

The course has been created by experienced investigators – including experience in investigating allegations of harassment and discrimination on campus.  It includes a customized scenario that incorporates many of the challenges and issues that can arise during investigations in a post secondary institution.

It is an excellent introduction to the world of investigations, as well as a great refresher for the more experienced.

We can customize the course to meet your specific requirements, including creating customized scenarios for use in exercises. We also provide planning and policy templates.

Please contact Barb Jaworski for more details. She can be reached at

A dynamic excellently facilitated training program. The instructor is a highly effective facilitator and extremely knowledgeable, yet everything is accessible. He demonstrates a degree of sensitivity that is essential for learning, especially on this subject matter. I learned so much I am highly motivated to pursue further training. One of the most effective use of Power Point presentations I ever had the opportunity to experience.

Senior Educational Developer (Diversity and Inclusivity), Dalhousie University

Extremely relevant information delivered in a cohesive and professional manner

Director of Safety and Security, Acadia University

Great course – fab info, relevant and valuable

Acting Vice Provost Student Affairs, Dalhousie University

Facilitator and materials very well prepared. Well-chosen videos, interesting scenarios

Vice President, University of Kings College