Gareth’s interview with CBC Edmonton AM Radio

Listen to Gareth’s interview on conducting investigations with CBC Edmonton AM Radio.

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Workplace Investigations: Canadian HR Reporter article. Reproduced with permission from the Jan 30th 2012 Canadian HR Reporter.  (Read the Article)

Workplace Investigations: Getting Beyond “He Said, She Said.”
Conducting investigations in the workplace can be extremely difficult. Corroboration, collective agreements, human rights legislation, health and safety issues, credibility, disruption and how to handle whistleblowers are just a few of the factors that investigators have to consider as they plan and execute their investigations. (Read more)

Intro to Ludchen
A workplace case where, amongst several other investigative screw-ups, the failure to take proper notes, led to a judge finding that the investigator had no credibility. (Read the case)

A two-part article on oversight investigations authored by Gareth Jones published in the journal of the United States National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

 Death or injury cases involving law enforcement officers Part 2: lessons learned

 Book review by Mike Reddy, Former Deputy Banking Ombudsman and former Deputy Independent Adjudicator for Higher Education

 National Association for Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement Review (book review)