What others are saying about the ‘Conducting Administrative, Oversight & Ombudsman Investigations’ book by Gareth Jones

“Gareth has properly identified the issues, asked the right questions, selected the right documents, and come to the right conclusions…
We are fortunate that he has chosen to share his techniques and advice in this engaging book. If you are interested in doing better investigations, my advice would be to read it.”

David Paciocco, Professor of Law, University of Ottawa

“… Before publication of Gareth Jones’ seminal text, annual three-day meetings and the odd seminar were the only means for practitioners to share best practices and skills for investigations. This Practical Guide is a ‘must-have’ and ought to be of interest to public oversight investigators of every stripe… It is engaging and easy to read, yet jam-packed with menus on how to approach sensitive investigations…”

Arlene Brock,
(Ombudsman for Bermuda; previously Chairman, Police Complaints Authority)

“It is a very convincing overview over why investigative agencies need to work with the media in general and how to deal with the media more specifically.”

Gundi Gaddesman, Press Officer, European Ombudsman

“Gareth has an unerring eye for facts and has developed and demonstrated the most effective way that I have seen to find them, bring them out in the open and present them so that action can be taken…
I know that Gareth’s techniques would have been a tremendous assist for the members of the several Boards of Inquiry I have been involved with…
I would strongly recommend this book to anyone who has a mandate to ‘find the facts’.”

Brigadier General (ret) Joe Sharpe,
President of the Croatia Board of Inquiry

“Conducting Administrative, Oversight & Ombudsman Investigations has been needed by the global Ombudsman community for at least the 30 years I have been Ombudsman. It will become a required part of my training for assistants. It is a book that should be read by all practicing Ombudsmen and academics of the Ombudsman institution.”

William Angrick, Ombudsman of Iowa,
President of the International Ombudsman Institute

“The book is a ‘must-have'”

Fiona Keith, Senior Legal Counsel at the Canadian Human Rights Commission

“Gareth has drawn on his years of experience to produce a book that is a must for any organization conducting investigations. The methods discussed in the book can be adapted to a range of organizations … This is an invaluable tool for oversight bodies.”

Dr. Nazia Latif, Investigations, Policy and Research,
Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission

“One of the few books that comprehensively addresses conducting administrative investigations. The presentation of case studies, suggested approaches and the sometimes humorous delivery by Gareth Jones makes this a must-have addition to any investigator’s library”.

Carolyn Richards, Ombudsman of the Northern Territory of Australia and Health Care and Community Services,
Commissioner of the Northern Territory

“… inspiring and informative. The style of introducing the subject of elements of good investigation methods and then drawing them through the cycle of a case where they were absent was truly effective … the book … will be an asset to any Office of Oversight”.

Paulyn Marrinan Quinn, SC.,
Ombudsman For The Defence Forces of Ireland